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Polyver Sweden's production site is based in Pilgrimstad, a small village in the North of Sweden in the Jämtland region, not far from the famous ski resort Åre.

It is in this exceptional setting but facing extreme weather conditions that Polyver has been producing polyurethane boots for many years according to quality and safety standards established by the strictest standards. Unparalleled comfort, lightness, high resistance to cold, safety are its key words guaranteeing you to face the winter and enjoy the outdoors. To maintain its quality level, Polyver Sweden has chosen and is proud to maintain the entire manufacturing process in Sweden.

Thanks to its commitment, professionalism and reactivity of its team, Polyver Sweden has gained its clients' trust, to develop all over the world and to become a reference in terms of protection against extreme weather conditions and more particularly the cold.

A unique know-how

By capitalizing on our long experience, we rigorously select our raw materials and we focus on the smallest details in order to offer you effective and sustainable products.

In its factory in Pilgrimstad, Polyver perfectly masters the entire production chain from receiving raw materials to shipping the finished product.

Our products are subject to rigorous quality control and we are constantly improving our manufacturing operations to meet the highest standards in the industry. The Polyver team is constantly attentive to its customers' needs, with a constant commitment to searching for new technologies.

Polyver contributes to the environmental effort by recycling packaging and waste.


The specialist in polyurethane boots

We use a unique and exclusive recipe of high quality polyurethane giving it undeniable advantages.

Unparalleled comfort & lightness

Comfort has always been our priority! Our polyurethane, with its double density gives you unparalleled walking comfort. A very flexible upper and a stiffer sole give your foot an excellent fit and gives you great freedom of movement.

Exceptional thermal insulation

The thick PU on the upper and the sole of our boots make a real difference in insulation. Thanks to its millions of small air bubbles forming an insulating and protective layer, Polyver's unique technology perfectly protects you from the cold and your feet stay warm and dry even in the most extreme conditions.

Maximum Security

Polyver boots meet the highest international safety standards and offer you optimal protection for all types of conditions.


Polyver boots are made to last! They have a lifespan three times longer than those of PVC or rubber boots. They are particularly strong and resistant to organic, animal and industrial fats, hydrocarbons, oils and mild chemicals.

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