Winter Kids - Blue

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For daily adventures! Waterproof, light and comfortable boots.

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 Made in Sweden


    • Thermo+ isolering:
      Skydd mot kyla ner till +5°C / -50°C

    • Låg vikt:
      40 procent lättare än en stövel av gummi eller PVC

    • Flexibel:
      Även vid mycket låga temperaturer

    • 100% vattentät:
      Inga sömmar

    • Styv yttersula:
      Stabil och stötdämpande

    • Ergonomiskt utformad:
      Bra vriststöd

    • Innerfoder i akryl/ylle 
      Varmt och snabbtorkande 

    • Vid passform
      Lättare för luften att cirkulera


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Acrylic inner lining No seams Evacuation channel Anti-slip sole
Lightness|40% lighter than a rubber or PVC boot Flexibility|Even at very low temperatures 100% watertight|No seams Stiff outsole|Stability and shock absorption Ergonomic shape|Good ankle support Wide fit|Better air circulation Thermo + insulation|Excellent protection from the cold (+5°C/-40°C) Wide fit|Better air circulation Acrylic inner linning|Warm and guick drying
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Details that make the difference!

  • Acrylic inner lining Acrylic inner lining

  • No seams No seams

  • Evacuation channel Evacuation channel

  • Anti-slip sole Anti-slip sole

  • Lightness 40% lighter than a rubber or PVC boot
  • Flexibility Even at very low temperatures
  • 100% watertight No seams
  • Stiff outsole Stability and shock absorption
  • Ergonomic shape Good ankle support
  • Wide fit Better air circulation
  • Thermo + insulation Excellent protection from the cold (+5°C/-40°C)
  • Wide fit Better air circulation
  • Acrylic inner linning Warm and guick drying


The specialist in polyurethane boots

We use a unique and exclusive recipe of high quality polyurethane giving it undeniable advantages.

Unparalleled comfort & lightness

Comfort has always been our priority! Our polyurethane, with its double density gives you unparalleled walking comfort. A very flexible upper and a stiffer sole give your foot an excellent fit and gives you great freedom of movement.

Exceptional thermal insulation

The thick PU on the upper and the sole of our boots make a real difference in insulation. Thanks to its millions of small air bubbles forming an insulating and protective layer, Polyver's unique technology perfectly protects you from the cold and your feet stay warm and dry even in the most extreme conditions.

Maximum Security

Polyver boots meet the highest international safety standards and offer you optimal protection for all types of conditions.


Polyver boots are made to last! They have a lifespan three times longer than those of PVC or rubber boots. They are particularly strong and resistant to organic, animal and industrial fats, hydrocarbons, oils and mild chemicals.

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